Equine Assisted Learning is an emerging field in which the horse acts as a non- judgemental partner and reflects what transpires during the process where the participant and the horse work together.

An often – used term to describe this process is ‘horse whispering’ – nothing mystical or mysterious at all, just simple, effective, consistent and clear communication. No horse riding experience is required, nor is any horse riding involved. All activities are conducted on the ground. The Equine Leadership Programme is a two day experiential learning experience that provides a variety of corporate  leadership and team building activities.

Learning with horses helps build and strengthen;

  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership skills
  • self-awareness
  • problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • anger management
  • ability to set and honour boundaries and overcome blind spots and non-verbal communication.

horses and leadership

The programme is truly a magical experience when you open your heart and mind to allow the horse to guide you to a new
understanding of the world you have to cope with, as a Leader. Leadership is earned through demonstrating authenticity
and truthfulness and not through positional power!