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    Often in life and in business, decisions and directions are taken because of events that happen which fundamentally change and inspire our thoughts. In the case of Yolanda Sing, she came to a crossroads in her life and career stimulated by a major health challenge. Her book is a very personal story which makes for really inspirational reading, and tells of her making the move from the corporate world to not only finding herself and a way of helping her healing process, but also creating a truly innovative and life-changing business helping others. This is an amazing read for anyone experiencing self doubt on their own personal or entrepreneurial journeys, or needing a big dose of inspiration. – Melanie Hawken, founder and editor-in-chief of Lionesses of Africa
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    Living in the same area as close family of Yolanda, I was aware of her illness and recovery, but this book is truly moving. A gripping account of her battle with cancer and the positive power of thinking. A wonderful lesson to everyone in finding your true calling and trying to live how you are meant to, not how you want to. An easy reading book – once I started I could not put it down until the last page. – Alison
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    A very profound, heart-touching, deep, compassionate, yet easy to read book. Thank you for sharing your story with us Yolanda. I received this book as a Christmas gift and I highly recommend it to everyone to read, whether you have been affected by cancer or not, it is a MUST BUY ! – H Viedge
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    “”Brilliant heart touching honest book. I couldn’t put it down and read it cover to cover….it caused me to really really think about life and truly be in the now moments. Thank you for sharing. R. Wilkinson
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    I have had this book ready to read on my kindle for a couple of months. I wanted a quiet time to read and appreciate it’s content without interruption by word or deed. That time was today and I can honestly say the book has inspired me to cast away unimportant matters and fill each day with positive thoughts and grateful appreciation . I feel lighter more positive and energised to make small but significant changes to my life like Yolanda. Her courage inspiration and strength make you believe all things are possible and you can overcome diversity. For anyone reading this who is facing difficult challenges Yolanda will get you through with a smile and a prayer. Well worth reading.- Kathy Katkin
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    This is a story bravely told. On one level, it’s the story of a serious brush with cancer but it is much more than that. It tells of what happens when our soul dies and how it can threaten our well-being and our lives. By illuminating our soul again and finding our passion, we get a new lease in life.A great read and I want to read more from this author.
    Tom Evans
    “Author of New Magic for a New Era”
    (Surrey, UK)

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    “Prior to Yolanda’s coaching anxiety was a blindfold now it’s a compass” Click to ReadFreshbox
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    “I have experienced Yolanda’s work as an individual participant and through work she facilitated with my team. The Equine learning experience was facilitated in an amazing way to open up self awareness, the horse being the ‘mirror’ of ones own behaviours… Yolanda’s gentle ability to facilitate interaction in a calm, positive and consistent manner, provides a ‘safe space’ that fosters learning and enables self-reflection. Yolanda’s high integrity and affirming manner is outstanding and I would highly recommend her work to any business needing meaningful leadership development and wanting to achieve a positive result.” – Shirley Hulley
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    “Yolanda is passionate about people development. She has a unique programme that allows an individual and a group to unravel quite tricky issues via an independent medium (the horses). The horse becomes a metaphor through which one can view own insecurities, fears, behavioural and inter-personal/inter-departmental relationships. It becomes easier to openly talk about these issues, as the individual becomes the “observer” in the “story” and the horse the active actor! The experience certainly takes one out of your comfort zone (especially if you have never worked with horses before!), but it is done in a caring and supportive manner. It is different, it is fun, it is scary and it is unique.”
    Joey Staphorst
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    “I highly recommend the Authentic Leadership programme through the gift of horses offered by Chloe Consultants. Our experience has been that it was highly effective and directly improved our leadership results. Throughout the programme Chloe Consultants portrayed a high level of integrity and understanding the needs of our organisation.” Petro Taljaard
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    “Yolanda is a well known expert in the field of leadership development and organisational behaviour. We have used Yolanda’s programme with exceptional good results and we will continue to use her to ensure high performance consistency in our organisation.”
    Dr. Kobus Serfontein
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    “Me and my family did Yolanda’s coaching programme with horses, together with other couples and families. It has not just enhanced communication in my family but also gave us appreciation for the various strengths we have and contributions we make to being a family. Our business school makes use of Yolanda and her coaching-approach to work with groups and teams of clients and their feedback is consistently positive and appreciative! It is not just what she does but her very humble and caring nature that makes her approach so special.” –
    Salome van Coller-Peter
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    Yolanda brings a gift to leaders through her programme “Authentic Leadership through the gift of horses.” She is an artful facilitator, sincere in her feedback and both encouraging and in your face when she challenges you. Just what you need! Whether you lead others, a family, a community or simply yourself, this workshop is for you.Camilla Hazell
    Photographer/Feature Writer/Designer
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    “Yolande’s Authentic Equine Leadership Programme is a creative and powerful way of stimulating reflection and learning” Joan Peters
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    I have always believed that human being had much to learn from animals. This workshop has been a perfect example of that. Through working with these gentle giants, Yolanda has facilitated a personal journey of self-reflection and empowerment. Both the equine energy and Yolanda’s powerful energy and thought provoking insights combine and result in a powerful experience. Small team or a family, you will take home something that will enable you to become an even better leader.Samantha Collins
    Hambakahle magazine
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    Life changing is the best way to describe the experience. Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing a break through on every level. After this, I am ready for my journey of emotional intelligence and integrity.Aisha Dollie
    Photographer/Feature Writer/Designer
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    I had a phenomenal experience. Thank You!! You come to the workshop with some idea of what you think you could expect, but once it starts ,you are blown away. I have been on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness for a while (few months) but being here today has put so much in perspective.Nadia Gamieldien
    Editor – Achiever
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    Yolanda Sing inspires a person to be the best at what they are and stimulates honesty and authenticity.Lou–Anne Joubert
    Branch Manager
    Rentokil George
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    Yolanda is able to display and draw on the skills and gifts of coaching she owns and breaths in every intervention. Her ability to bring a diverse group together and builds a non-threatening space for each participant to fully benefit and at a more comfortable pace is very valuable. Well done, a joy to reflect and be in a space of honesty and trust.Bev Wentzel
    Rentokil Initial
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    My experience with the whole program was a life journey. It started with the horses, at that time; I was not in a good space and really felt that it wouldn’t have any benefits to me. I was so surprised at how the horse was in tune with my feelings and I went away, feeling renewed and excited about the new journey, I was embarking on. It is a stunning exciting experience which is a continues journeyRenee Foster
    Regional Business Manager
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    It has really been a thrilling and insightful experience. I have absorbed so much knowledge and it is easy to use and apply. Yolanda, thank you, so much for sharing your experience with me. Wishing you everything of the best for the future.Julian Kassen
    Branch Manager
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    The self-awareness with the horse was amazing. To experience the sense of emotions with the animal. If you follow your vision the rest of the team will follow, as illustrated when you lifted your gaze the horse could feel; that you were in control. I was under control, until external factors disturbed the horse and it took me out of my comfort zone. I tend to want to control the horse by tightening my grip but aggravated him more. Rocky took the horse and allow him his space and he became calm. The moral of this experience, that as a leader, you need to give people space to see things from a different point of view.Sedick van der Schyff
    Regional Capacity Manager
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    This is what Michelle Pietersen, a community practitioner at the Stellenbosch University has to say, “The workshop challenged me to live and lead via my core values. I apply it in my work daily with lasting effects. I want to learn more from this amazing woman and her horses – this medium of teaching is so creative and authentic.
    I want to encourage you to take a brave step, learn about yourself in an unconventional way, challenge your abilities and inabilities, rediscover yourself and become an enabler in your work, personal life and in the community. What a fresh approach to learning!”
    Michelle Pietersen
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    “The effect is visible. Since attending the workshop my staff are driven, passionate and on board with common goals.”
    “I needed to align and motivate my management teams to be effective leaders. The workshop offered great content. It reinforced the importance of taking the time to reflect on our business and communicate effectively! I would highly recommend these workshops.”
    These are the words of Emma Demmer, Dealer Principle of McCarthy Volkswagen in Umhlanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Altogether 25 managers from two McCarthy Volkswagen dealerships in Umhlanga and Durban attended two separate 2-day Authentic Leadership workshops at Peacevale in Durban recently.
    Emma Demmer
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    Life changing and relevant in any circumstanceRoche
    Virgin Active
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    Great course and a must do course in anyone’s life. Thanks youFranklin Khoze
    Virgin Active
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    An amazing eye opening experience to discover who I am as a person, what my purpose is, what I want to leave behind, where I want to go and how to get there. A must do activity.Leigh Gulston
    Virgin Active
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    An enlightening experience in an intimidating environment
    Vernille Love
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    Coming in to the unknown regarding horses, but the sheer relevance in activities done with the horses, reassuringly and eliminates doubt and fear
    Mikhall Pillay
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    I could not have asked for something better at this stage of my career to support and take me to the next level of my life journey.Roy Rawlins,
    Managing Director,
    Omega Risk Solution
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    There is a beautiful sense of peace that comes with working with a horses, it can’t be taught but only experienced
    Sally da Silva
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    I Mildred Ntubaki has learned a lot . This will be my own step ahead experience when chatting to friends, family and colleagues.
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    It is time to be reborn and offering you the ability to mould one self as a true leader
    Carl M’ Guinness
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    This workshop will change your life. It changed mine
    Sipho Marima
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    I thought , I came to this workshop, feeling confident in some of the topics discussed. I am blown away with the exercises with the horses and understanding the relationship I had with them, during this workshop which was based on unconditional trust – no agenda. I would like to leave a legacy of unconditional trust and love as a footprint in my corporate and private life – Dorcas Sand
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    The authentic leadership done by Yolanda has changed my life. This programmer and this women is amazing. God sent gift
    Marima Sipho Sergio
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    At Virgin Active we strive to deliver training that is experiential and has a meaningful practical component to it. This Leadership Development Programme brings together the leadership theory and the practical in a very unique way. Each participant has a unique learning experience and can make a far deeper connection with their own leadership style and energy,” said Patrick Day, leadership development manager at Virgin Active Health Clubs, South Africa.”Staff who have completed the workshops gain a much deeper understanding of who they are on an emotional level. There is a lot of intense reflection taking place. This is often where they gain profound insights. It is these self-insights that lead to behaviour changes visible to others. The impact in the workplace is that of a calm, yet assertive leader who values people, yet still achieves the desired results,” Patrick Day
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    “There is a beautiful sense of peace that comes with working with a horses. It can’t be taught, but only experienced,” said Sally da Silva, one of the employees. Sally Da Silva Virgin Active
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    “The workshop was definitely beneficial to our management team, but any team or group of individuals who are interdependent, can benefit from it. Our aim was to create cohesiveness among our team members, to have better understanding of each other and to manage team dynamics. Our Pretoria branch is also considering making use of Yolanda’s services due to the great reviews from the Cape Town branch,” said Geofrey Bougard, human resources manager, Cape Town.“We can most definitely see the difference in the workplace. Team members work much better with each other and the level of understanding has improved.”
    Travel with Flair
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    Yolanda has a great way of putting you at ease and enabling you to think differently and at a different level
    Paul Williams, Woolworths

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